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State FFA Chorus Information Page




The audition for the Oklahoma FFA Chorus and Band consists of 3 parts:

  1.   A Video Audition

  2.   A Digital Audition Form

  3.   An Email from your Ag Teacher Confirming Your Eligibility to Participate.


All 3 parts must be completed and received by 

February 1, 2024 

to make your application and audition valid. 


Each year approximately 80-100 of the finest singers Oklahoma FFA has to offer are selected for the State FFA Convention Chorus. Since its inception in 1990, the chorus has seen many of its members become State and National FFA Officers, Congressmen and Women, Ag Teachers, Music Teachers, and Professional Musicians. The legacy of the group is strong which is why our audition procedures are designed to select the best of the best. Please make sure you follow all of the instructions and show us your Blue and Gold Best!





  1. Film in a quiet space free from distracting noises so the entire focus is on your performance. 


  1. Film your audition with yourself in the camera shot the entire time. 


  1. Use a tripod or something stable to hold your phone/camera. DO NOT film your video with someone holding the phone/camera. 


  1. Do not use any additional sound systems or software to enhance the performance of your video (no reverb, autotune, cut/paste, or eq adjustments).


  1. Do the BEST you can do! If there is something technical you don’t understand, try it anyway! We aren’t looking for perfection but members that show a genuine interest in learning and improving. 


  1. Remember, this is a video performance. We are not only looking for correct notes but also engaging smiles (if you’re not blowing into a horn), confident faces, and enthusiastic personalities.


  1. When finished, Upload your video to YouTube as an UNLISTED video. Again, UNLISTED. It is imperative that you DO NOT upload it as public, private, or password protected. UNLISTED ONLY. 

    1. If you are auditioning more than one instrument or for the chorus and band record a separate video for each instrument and/or vocal audition

    2. The title of each video should be in this format 



  1. Watch your video to make sure it uploaded correctly


  1. Copy the link to your video by clicking on the “share” button on your published video


10. CLICK HERE TO Fill out this Google Form and paste the link of your video into the  appropriate box. 

  1. If you are auditioning more than one instrument you may paste multiple links into the box by separating them with commas.


Results will be listed on the OKFFA website on or before March 1, 2024

Chorus Audition:



  1. State your name and the chapter you represent. 

  2. Give a short statement on why you want to join the group. Are you looking to make more musical friendships? Do you love making music but are limited in your exposure in your hometown? Did you have a family member participate before and you are excited to experience it for yourself? Give us your honest, heartfelt answer.



Click Here and choose use one of these tracks as a guide to lead you through the technical portion of the audition. Play the track out loud (no headphones) while you film. 


  • There is a track for each major vocal part. Use the one you feel suits your range the best.

  • If there is a portion of the track exercise that is out of your range don’t worry, just don’t sing that part. The purpose is to determine range and help with picking songs that best suit this year’s chorus. 

  • At the end you will be asked to sing America the Beautiful and given a starting pitch. Sheet music for each vocal part is included in the audition materials folder


3. SOLO not required

If you would like to be considered for a solo in one of our chorus pieces please sing any song that shows you off the best. You may use any kind of accompaniment.